Soul-o Listening


Most of us live in a state of constant conflict because the head and the heart don’t always agree. This can happen through the process of grieving or with any big transition where we are faced with making a decision.

Generally speaking, thinking too much is a problem, and that when you can come from your heart it’s a much more pleasant existence. However, your heart can also steer you in the wrong direction leaving you with illogical ideas, and motivated by feelings that don’t serve you.

The conflict between head and heart is ongoing, but much of the distress comes from not listening to the soul. The soul speaks loudly when we allow it to have a voice. Most of the time it’s blocked by the head and the heart along with all of the internal voices we carry with us.

Many of those voices are not our own, and they are based on stories we have developed about ourselves through life. The voices say things like, “Maybe you’re just too needy” or “If I was just a little prettier” or “I wish someone would just appreciate all the things I do”. These stories and self-perceptions go on and on and never end until we can get beneath them to the truth of who we are. Getting to the truth shouldn’t be hard, but it is when we have been telling ourselves little and big lies our whole lives.

The biggest problem however is that we never sit quietly enough to allow the soul to speak. The soul is often a small whisper that cannot be heard when the din of our voices overpowers what it has to say.

Your soul is the deepest part of your being that knows exactly who you are and what you need to be doing. It lives in the recesses, and can only be accessed when you are ready to hear what it has to say. Your soul isn’t your mind, it isn’t your heart, it isn’t your parent’s voice, and it isn’t something outside of yourself telling you what to do. It’s the essence of you, the part of you that was born to be who you are, the part of you that doesn’t need to change, the part of you that is 100% authentically you.

The journey to uncovering the truth that comes from your soul doesn’t happen in a day, a week, or even 10 years. It’s an ongoing conversation that will happen on and off for the rest of your life. Your soul is your trusted friend. Always available when you are ready to listen, and it will never lie to you. You may not like what it has to say, and you will probably fight it until you can accept the communication but that’s okay. There are no rules here. Just opportunity to grow and learn from the wisest voice available to you.

It’s your private conversation with something greater, something bigger, and more profound than anything you will encounter in your daily life. So when you feel conflicted, and you don’t know who to turn to for advice, I encourage you to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Put your hand on your heart and allow yourself to be still just for a few minutes. Once the chatter in your head subsides begin to listen to your soul. It might be a tiny sound that is almost indiscernible or it might speak to you very loudly and clearly. Your only job is to be open to listening and learning from this part of yourself.

Don’t try and define what you’re doing here. It’s not a project or a tangible idea. It’s a practice, an exploration, and a journey inward. Your soul houses an accumulated amount of knowledge pulled from the universe specifically for you. No one has planted it there. You have unknowingly drawn it in your self and tucked it away until now. It’s been a little secret you didn’t even know about.

Now that you are ready to open it up, you will not believe what will come out. You will uncover aspects and parts of yourself that you never knew existed, and that will change you forever.

Psyche & Salt