Personal Wellness in a Health Crazed World

These are crazy times in the wellness industry. Being healthy has become more of a sport then a life intention, and the overwhelming amount of (conflicting) information makes it impossible to know what's worth incorporating into your daily routine.

The definition of health is personally defined. What it means to be healthy can only be determined by the individual inhabiting the body that wants to feel well.

Yes, there are standards of health that provide guidance, but these offer more of a bottom line that lets you know when you're already bordering on sickness. Cholesterol, blood pressure and weight are all important bio-markers, but they only represent a portion of what's happening in the body and they often lead to a prescription not a solution.

In the world of modern medicine, the focus is on what's common, and not on what's normal.

It's common to feel fatigued, to have pain, to feel depressed and unmotivated within the context of our busy lifestyles. This isn't normal however, and feeling unwell in this way is a big red flag that you can be doing better in terms of your ongoing health.

Start with the simple question of "how do I feel?" If you feel energetic, happy, strong, content and inspired most of the time then you're probably doing pretty well. If you have any ongoing complaints around your emotional or physical health, then adjustments should be made.

It's as simple as that.

Health isn't just about consuming turmeric, drinking green smoothies and eating gluten free bread. Being healthy is a state of mind, an ongoing life practice of honoring your body's wisdom, and approaching food as nourishment and energy.

Each person has a unique bio-individuality. This means that we each have a unique biological makeup that needs specific nutrients, lifestyle habits and body system requirements for health. Unlike the overused car fuel metaphor, the human body is intricate and alive. Fueling it up with high octane isn't enough for the many enzymatic reactions and processes necessary.

Human health, like philosophy, offers more questions than answers. Every discovery leads to a new opportunity for more information, which can easily turn you into either an investigator or send you down the rabbit hole.

Finding your perfect health window can either feel like a tedious job or a fascinating life journey depending on your attitude and personality.

Once you settle on your personal definition of what it means to be healthy, and after you define how you want to feel within the context of that definition, you can pick one place to start making change. This is where people usually decide to cut out sugar, refined foods, dairy or caffeine.

These are great intentions, but I also encourage you to consider your personal environment. Toxic relationships, friends, a lack of healthy boundaries or an overly stressful job are all important factors to transform as well.

The mind and body do not exist in isolation, and you are not immune to or separate from the world in which you exist physically. Your health is a life long journey so give yourself the time and space to research, plan and explore before you embark on this important trip to wellness.

Psyche & Salt