Become an Inner Truth Seeker

Most of the time people come into therapy because they aren’t satisfied with their life, who they are, or their current relationships.

Feeling satisfied has slowly moved from being a goal to a chronic obsession in our society, and it’s all connected to what you think and feel about yourself.

You can blame society and the media for driving all of us toward overconsumption and the endless pursuit of something more, but these cravings stem more from feeling inadequate and empty on the inside than anything on the outside.

It’s hard to feel like enough. We have internal tanks that run empty, and we don’t know what is needed to fill them up.

Sometimes it’s the external world that we look to; if we can only I could find someone to love us, or a “guru” to help us define who we are, or a coach to tell us the best way to live our lives.

The hunger for something greater or better is a defense against looking inside yourself.

If you find yourself constantly wondering if you have what it takes to get wherever you want to go, then your work is to take a harder look at what you already possess inside.If you aren’t satisfied with some aspect of yourself, or your life, begin by looking inward before seeking outward.

Telling yourself that you need something more, and randomly searching for what you want will leave you feeling empty and depleted at the end of every day. If you don’t know what you have, then you can’t possibly know what you need or want.

Nobody is completely void of some powerful essence that drives who they are meant to be, and the life they are destined to live.

Here are 3 actionable steps toward becoming an inner seeker:

Come up with 3 quotes that come exclusively from you. Quotes are hugely inspirational, but we tend to only rely on other people’s words to feel inspired. Find your own voice, and tap into that well of wisdom you never knew existed inside yourself.

When you read a blog or something that interests you on the internet (and if you are searching you will), leave a comment afterward. Don’t just swallow someone else’s advice or wisdom whole. Take a minute to digest it, chew on it, and then regurgitate it in your own words.

Make a list of all the positive qualities you possess. You will be amazed at how much you under-value about yourself once you dig in to see what you have to offer. Be sure to focus on qualities and characteristics, and not just qualifications. Your contagious smile is equally as important as your affinity for numbers.

Psyche & Salt