Divorce Support

Turn one of life's most challenging transitions into
an opportunity for transformative emotional and physical change. 


The end of your marriage is probably the most traumatic event you’ll experience in your lifetime. Even if it’s a welcome ending, the pain and loss of the future you thought you would have can be devastating.

Healing from the shattered dreams and broken promises of a marital ending is crucial to long-term recovery. When left ungrieved, the pain and loss that comes with divorce quickly turns into bitterness, and a life long struggle with letting go of the past.

Your recovery can go one of two ways; it can be the end of a happy life, or an opening for transformation and growth. If you choose the latter we can help you untie the knots keeping you tethered to your marriage, and help you tend to your emotional and physical health as you lay the foundation for a new inner and outer life.

In our divorce recovery workshops you’ll spend time in group process, working in solitude, sharing stories, learning about the psychology of divorce, and healing wounds you thought could never heal.

This is not simply a life transition, but a trauma requiring urgent care and special attention.

Here’s the truth: 

The trappings of stigma, shame, and societal expectations around divorce can become your worst enemy. The trick to getting through this life transition is doing the hard psychological work of deconstructing the fantasies and myths that will surely keep you stuck in the past. 

When you become consumed and overwhelmed with “what happened” you neglect your own self-care, which can lead to all sorts of negative consequences. Not eating properly, drinking too much alcohol, not sleeping, and binging on sugar are common coping mechanisms that add to the toxicity you’re already dealing with.

You need to build your foundation for healing and growth beyond divorce.

When you give yourself the ample time for reflection and process, the end of your marriage becomes a transformative rite of passage as opposed to a dead end. Learning the skills of emotional and physical self-care through divorce is fundamental to having a full recovery.

You do not have to make a u-turn and head back to the beginning to start over. You need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, assess your wounds, and begin the journey back to your whole self.

Listen to Dr. Brosh’s thoughts on emotional healing and her story of divorce in this podcast episode


Divorce healing requires that you…

  • Build A Healthy Foundation for Healing
    Trying to heal and move forward without a stable foundation leads to unnecessary suffering, poor decision making, and long-term health consequences. Come learn how to re-establish balance in mind and body so you can fully recover your self and life.

  • Transform Negative Emotions
    Negative emotions can generate a sense of agency and power when processed and transformed into useful information. Work through your feelings so you can utilize them as positive catalysts for growth and transformation.

  • Utilize Culinary Medicine
    Learn which dietary choices and foods promote healing and combat the stress of divorce. Uncover the herbs, supplements, and lifestyle shifts you can use to prevent illness and the effects of trauma.

  • Lift the Veil and Renew Your Vows
    Replace culturally stigmatizing beliefs and messaging you’ve adopted about divorce with positive and affirming definitions that support you. Gain new perspectives on your current situation to challenge the negative stigma and social norms that keep you stuck and in a state of shame.Let go and resolve your lingering connections as you commit to your new life.

Ready to experience profound transformation as you explore, reflect, and create your new life post divorce?

We offer both individual and group support for women.


We offer individual and group support

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FACILITATOR BIO: Dr. Andra Brosh is a licensed clinical psychologist, a board certified holistic nutritionist, and divorce recovery expert. Dr. Brosh founded Divorce Detox, which helped hundreds of people move on from their marital ending. Using personal experience from her own divorce, and her unique clinical skills in grief recovery, coping with infidelity, and uncovering a new normal, Dr. Brosh is the perfect guide for your post-divorce journey.


“I just received the divorce manifesto and it is excellent; it reflects almost exactly what I've experienced; it is validating, hopeful, and empowering to hear/read those words of truth. It is so clear that you have been through the experience. Thank you so much for hosting this group. I have needed a support group for a while and am grateful to have found yours.”