My personal story.


I lived for decades doing what I thought was expected of me as a woman.

I lived a lovely, safe and privileged life, but it was at the expense of my own authenticity. I was happily married, a mom of two wonderful kids, and had my own career. I thought I was living the dream but I was really making sacrifices at the expense of my own happiness and fulfillment. I lived through the first half of my life in a state of dependence and deprivation. My fantasy was shattered when my marriage abruptly ended. I had to face the reality of what I had neglected. I was unfulfilled in my work and relationships, betrayed by colleagues in my field, living in a place that didn’t make me happy.


I had an identity crisis that left me vulnerable.


I tried everything including retreats, yoga, meditation, cleanses, energy work, flower essences, psychics, coaches and therapists with the hope that someone would have the answers I needed to find my true path.

Turns out that the kind of change I wanted isn’t something you hear in an empowerment seminar or intuit through a tarot card. What I needed was a renewed faith in myself and humanity. I needed to distance myself from what I was being told- long enough to uncover the truth of who I am, what I believe, and where I belong.


I felt like I had run out of options.

I wanted to know what authenticity felt like.

I was learning to shift my energy from constantly having to prove myself to valuing and sharing my gifts.

It was hard to allow myself the time and space. I tried moving to another part of town, moving my office I felt guilty a lot of the time for “doing nothing” and for having the ability to just pick up and live somewhere so beautiful. Obstacles to the process included Nay sayers, fear, love,  and lack of faith. I would sometimes get caught up in the ideas and social pressure of others. It had me think and feel like I had to make choices prematurely. I trained myself to sit with the ambivalence and uncertainty- that was huge.


I made one final attempt to change my situation but things got worse.

I became depressed, lonely, and frustrated with not being able to generate a feeling of community. My mother died which was devastating, then I rescued a dog which helped, I traveled and then I decided to move. I got to the point where staying where I was felt like death, and moving felt like the only option.

I spent time in nature and found a big tree whose roots had developed into a perfect chair. I sat there and realized that one of my biggest longings was to feel like I had a seat at the table.

To belong and feel welcomed, to be part of something great. This was an aha moment where I recognized how a feeling of belonging and inclusion is an essential part of being whole, and that there is a seat at the table for everyone. What changed everything was making a decision to make what I now call a radical change.


Radical change is the kind of change that shifts you at the core.


It transforms your view of the world, how you live in it, and what you believe in. No other kind of change provides this kind of transformation. Radical change is bold and courageous.


There are two criteria for radical change:

1. Everyone in your life has to think your crazy and

2. It has to feel like you’ll die if you don’t make the change.

I made the radical change and moved from the urban setting of Los Angeles into the pines of Inverness. I knew if I honored the pull I felt to be closer to nature I would find the wild freedom I needed and the authenticity I was missing.

I was right.

I have never been happier, felt more authentic, and at peace in my world.

I am completely clear on what’s important to me, what I value, what I believe and who I am. I’ve learned the true meaning and value of community. My health has been my priority and taking this time has nourished me in ways I never thought possible. Learning to sustain myself with limited resources, to depend on the seasons for my food, to know that I can’t survive without my community has deepened my connection to the world and to myself. I teach this because I feel it’s desperately needed.

I have overcome some big challenges over the years including divorce and cancer.

I’ve traversed some important transitions like motherhood, an empty nest and menopause. I’m still riding the wave of life, but the accumulated wisdom and tools in my medicine bag are the foundation of my work with women.

It breaks my heart to witness the loneliness and suffering that so many women experience unnecessarily.



I created Psyche & Salt to inspire a lifestyle that maximizes health and creates a more authentic connection to the world. It’s about the combined power of the healing nature of delicious healthy food, finding pleasure in solitude, and tending to yourself. From there you can  design and create the life you truly desire. I know from experience that it can be challenging to go about this process alone. There are so many people and responsibilities pulling for our time! That’s why Psych & Salt creates a protected space for you to heal, grow, eat well, commune, share, love and feel empowered. These are the roots of mind and body health. These are the things we can count on even in moments of chaos or when life doesn’t go as planned. It’s something grounding to come back to.


I believe that the biggest opportunity for transformation happens during the in-between moments of life.

Full of mystery, these can be developmental phases, natural transitions or unexpected curveballs. They are open windows exposing the inner-workings of the mind and body, and they can become the catalyst for exponential healing and growth.

My passion and work is centered on helping women during these dawn and dusk times because this is where the magic happens, and I believe in magic.

The most profound change happens when you understand the inner-workings of your mind and body. I’ve weaved these two together so you can step into becoming the best version of yourself. It is an ongoing journey and practice in the integration of both self-reliance and learning to reach out for help, support and connection when you need it. I’m here to support you through this process.