Psyche & Salt offers a space where you can deepen your roots, plant new seeds, and grow into the absolute best version of yourself.

Psyche & Salt is more of a movement than a business. The name and brand serve as a reminder that the source of our mental health and physical wellbeing is rooted in the natural world, the foods we eat, the seasonal rhythms, and the communities in which we live. This radical interconnectedness is essential for survival as our minds, bodies and lives are undergoing constant change and transformation in the modern world. Psyche & Salt speaks to the importance of personal alchemy, a reconnection to values, and a returning to our inherent ecological selves.

Women exist in a landscape of commoditized health and distorted cultural norms that erode her well earned intuition and self-esteem. Women play a vital role in the health of the world, and the future is dependent on her unique perspectives and precious gifts. Women can only reach their potential if they are given the space and support they need to reflect, connect, and grow. It is in everyone’s best interest that the women of our world thrive in every aspect of their lives and selves.

Psyche stems from greek mythology and the story of PSYKHE the goddess of the soul. Theoretically the psyche is where we experience the seemingly outer world, and it’s the force behind our dreams, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and personality. The psyche is separate from the brain in that it houses both a conscious and unconscious knowing, a wider sense of self, a different kind of power, and a larger view of time.  A healthy psyche is one that continues to be challenged, explored, and developed.

Salt has been used for millennia by traditional people as both a nutrient and healing compound. In many cultures the sharing of salt is a symbol of hospitality, friendship, and the sanctity of the shared table. In the Ayurvedic tradition salt has a yin nature and earthly quality offering a sense of security and grounding. Salt represents the alchemical process of things being broken down into their individual elements, purified, and returned integrated to the whole.

Mermaids embody the perfect split between the mystical and earthly. Half sea creature and half woman, the mermaid metaphorically represents the dichotomies we face in the current culture in which we live, and the possibility of integrating the opposing parts of ourselves. The mermaid reminds us to resist conformity, embrace our wild freedom, and welcome our rebellious spirits. She encourages us to dive into the salty, deep waters of the unknown with the confidence that we will always find our way back to the surface.