Psyche & Salt gatherings offer the perfect remedy for feelings of isolation, and challenges around building community with like-minded women. Each gathering is as unique as the women participating and will provide space for learning, exploring and processing in a safe, nourishing environment.


Every Gathering Will Bring You:

Personal guidance from experienced health professionals.

A community of warm, smart, supportive women.

An understanding of how nutrition shapes your health.

Closer to your authentic values and beliefs.

Creative processes that deepen self-understanding.

Much needed physical and emotional connection.

Time and space to process and reflect inside and out.

Unbiased and non-judgmental perspectives on relevant issues.

Answers, wisdom and honest advice you can trust.

Nourishing snacks, treats and recipes designed just for you.

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I just wanted to let you know that things are AMAZING in my life right now—thanks to you helping me through the difficult transition. My business has taken off and tripled in size over the past year, and I’m dating a great guy. Thank you so much for all of your help at the beginning when I was so sad and confused. I can’t imagine why now because this life is so much better than the one I had.
— Patricia D.