Womb School Gathering

Prepare for conception and cradle your
maternal nature as you journey into pregnancy.



About the Womb School Gathering:

Womb School is a support group for women on the path to pregnancy offering a unique opportunity to explore the inner landscape of your female body in relationship to fertility, conception, and motherhood.  

When you decide to get pregnant you are stepping into a mind-body world filled with mystery and miracles. You are also planting seeds to become a mother, to open your mind and heart to something greater than yourself, and to embrace the unknown. Every decision you make with regard to your life, mind and body holds influence over your reproductive health AND the health of your unborn baby.

Preparing for pregnancy can begin as early as 1-2 years before conception, yet young women are never told this in time.

Focusing on the health of your mind and body within this life context will improve your reproductive health and lay a foundation of strong inner and outer fertility regardless of what seeds you decide to plant.

Womb School teaches women how to have a deeply positive, proactive and fun journey into fertility awareness using psychological theory, holistic nutrition and group support. You will be surrounded by other like-minded women also preparing for one of the most important transitions in a woman's life.

This is an educational and open process support group that may include:

  • Nourishing foods that support reproductive health and fertility.

  • Faulty cultural constructs that create anxiety around conception.

  • Cleansing inside and out as a path to pregnancy preparation.

  • The body’s natural wisdom, healing power, internal systems and rhythms.

  • Emotions like guilt, shame and fear that can block and sabotage reproductive health.

  • Symbolism of fertility, reproduction and maternal mindset.

  • Shared recipes, resources and products that promote reproductive health.

  • Psychodynamics related to the mother-daughter relationship and new motherhood.

This Is A Time To get it right from the start.

Ready to experience profound transformation in the presence of amazing supportive women as you explore, reflect, and traverse the path to conception?

Join this intimate group of women proactively embracing their health as the most productive path to fertility and potential motherhood. 



Limited to 10 women
Designed for women who are considering or actively trying to conceive naturally

Start date: Ongoing enrollment

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Insurance: Billable in accordance with your plan details

PRACTITIONER BIO: Dr. Andra Brosh, is a licensed clinical psychologist, a board certified holistic nutritionist, and she is certified through Postpartum Support International in postpartum depression. Dr. Brosh has extensive experience working with women from pre-conception through the postpartum transition, and she is passionate about the importance of the early mother-infant relationship and its role in the health of both mama and baby. 

“Sending gratitude for the incredible support you have provided to me this year. I know I have more work to do but I am feeling strong, and confident that all will be ok. A million times, thank you.” -Annette