Dr. Andra Brosh welcomes invitations to speaking, interviews, and opportunities for conversation and collaboration.

Psyche & Salt values and supports community engagement around issues related to food justice, food production transparency, mental health stigma, and women’s rights.

Dr. Brosh is always eager to learn about and support young purveyors and local non-profits dedicated to changing the world of health. Whether it's a workshop, cooking class, product or event, Dr. Brosh would be happy to provide support and space.

Talks and Presentations

The Mood-Food Connection in Mental Health
Los Angeles California Psychological Association (LACPA)
Los Angeles, CA
October 2019

Your Second Brain: Connecting digestion and mood
La Maida Institute
Los Angeles, CA
May 2019

Nourishing Neurons: Culinary medicine for brain health
Alzheimer’s Association
Santa Barbara, CA
January 2019

Mind Body and Soil: Unraveling the myths of healthy eating
Village Workspaces
Los Angeles, CA
August 2018

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