Dr. Andra Brosh welcomes invitations to speaking, interviews, and opportunities for conversation and collaboration.

Psyche & Salt values and supports community engagement around issues related to food justice, food production transparency, mental health stigma, and women’s rights.

Dr. Brosh is always eager to learn about and support young purveyors and local non-profits dedicated to changing the world of health. Whether it's a workshop, cooking class, product or event, Dr. Brosh would be happy to provide support and space.

The following are examples presentations Dr. Brosh has given:

Nourishing Neurons: Culinary Medicine for Brain Health

This class offers an opportunity to learn about the important connections between diet and brain health. Research supports the important connection between the foods we eat, gut health, and the brain. You'll learn the fundamentals of how the brain works, and why your diet might be the most important factor in maintaining healthy neurons, emotional balance, and cognitive function.

  • Uncover the essential nutrients needed for optimal brain health

  • Learn to improve mood and cognition with whole foods

  • Explore the connection between your gut and your brain

  • Understand how common digestive conditions can alter mood, cognition and behavior.

  • Get the truth about healthy fats and why they're essential for the brain

  • Ascertain the critical role of sleep in brain health, and what sleep promoting foods to eat

  • Confirm why stress contributes to cognitive decline, and how to mitigate it

  • Receive easy recipes incorporating foods that promote brain health

Mind Body and Soil: unraveling the myths of healthy eating

The connection between how we feel and what we eat can no longer be ignored. We have gotten to a place in time where we need to become educated and informed if we want to advocate our health, and the health of the earth. Learning how to source healthy food, and to discern between health trends and authentic nutrition reduces overwhelm while creating a sense of empowerment. This is a fun, interactive presentation teaching the fundamentals of healthy eating that will inspire and motivate anyone to make personal and positive changes in mind, body, lifestyle and the greater world. 

  • Learn the important role of protein, fats and carbohydrates in your health

  • Understand common food allergies, and ways to prevent or manage them

  • Adjust your diet to reduce inflammation and digestive issues related to dis-ease

  • Mitigate stress using natural foods and remedies

  • Better balance your metabolism and blood sugar through dietary changes

  • Raise your consciousness about the perils of the Standard American Diet

  • Impact food injustice by becoming a savvy consumer

  • Get tips on how to source food that's better for your health and the planet

Clearing and Cleansing: Bringing the body back to basics

One of the fastest growing areas in health and medicine is in using cleansing and fasting protocols to rejuvenate, protect and heal the body. Between environmental toxins, planetary changes, and poor food choices we are dealing with great psychological and physiological burdens that need to be addressed. Developmental phase, age, life context and intention are just a few of the considerations necessary for anyone looking to detox. This presentation will clarify the purpose of fasting and cleansing, the parts of the body that need to be supported, how it effects the mind, and how to enter into this kind of practice conscientiously and mindfully.

  • Learn about the importance of a cleansing practice in your longterm health

  • Uncover the best times of the year to practice cleansing

  • Discover how cleansing can help prepare and heal the body

  • Get the facts on intermittent fasting and why it's so beneficial

  • Become aware of how to cleanse safely

  • See what a short-term cleanse involves and how to prepare

  • Gain tools and practices for cleansing your mind along with your body