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Psyche and Salt bridges the gap between traditional psychotherapy and western medicine by offering a fully integrative model that restores you to a place of wholeness.


Psyche & Salt Services


Psychotherapy is the perfect place to start when you're ready to understand yourself on a deeper level, and how your past influences your current thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Taking the leap into the world of holistic nutrition will help you uncover the mysteries of your body so you can feel empowered in your physical health at any time of your life.

This integrative approach to mental health considers and honors the connection between your mind and body by treating you as the whole person that you are. 


Get the answers and solutions you’ve been looking for so you can feel balanced and empowered in every aspect of your self and life.

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A woman is only as good as she feels…

strengthen Relationships

deepen Emotional awareness

live fully and authentically

Connect with community

balance mind and body


improve mood with food

Commune with nature

discover passions and gifts

Welcome life’s mysteries

age with intention

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Psyche & Salt will help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms so you can finally feel healthy, happy, and aligned.


Get the relief and support you’ve been looking for by scheduling your get started session today!


Reach out to get support so that you feel strong, vital, nourished, and capable to show up as your best self in the world.

Your Powerful Transformation Awaits...