As a woman you have very unique and specific needs when it comes to your physical health.

This is in part because every person has there own individual body, but also because certain conditions are exclusive to women.

Imbalanced hormones, drained adrenal glands, and a poor functioning thyroid are just a few of the conditions that women tend to struggle with. These types of issues are preventable and treatable especially when they’re caught early.

For centuries women have been told that their symptoms are a normal just because they’re common.

Your body wants to keep you healthy and alive, and it will do this at any cost. As wise as it is, your body cannot distinguish between real life threats and the daily stressors you experience. When you compound the natural consequences of modern life with poor eating habits and a nutritionally depleted diet, you’re going to feel the results.

Taking care of yourself physically can be an enjoyable and gratifying experience when you learn to do it with intention and on your own terms.

We can help you fall in love with eating for health.


nutrition consulting can help you:

Balance your moods and lift feelings of depression

Calm your body and manage anxiety

Get a good night’s sleep (consistently)

Ease your transition through menopause

Prepare your body for pregnancy

Stay healthy through cold and flu season

Relieve symptoms of poor digestion

Discern the best supplements for your unique body

Uncover and manage food allergies

Overcome sugar addiction

End your battle with food

Ready to learn what healthy looks like for you?

There are just a few people in my life who are truly exceptional - you, Dr. Andra, are one of them.

Thank you for helping to guide me as I’ve searched for my truest and best self.
— Abby